Useful Carpet Cleaning Tips

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In most properties rugs are the biggest issue when it comes for a dust collection especially the one made from ticker materials. Their fibres keep huge amount of dust and dirt which are layered in the material and spread everywhere around the property every time you step on it. It is a good idea to avoid large rugs or if you can not afford this idea at least change carpets with laminate floors. If this is also not a possible option then hoover you rugs and carpets as often as you can. It is also recommended to organise professional Steam Cleaning services at least once per year.

1. Take care of the furniture seats

Upholstery spreads fibres in the air and also absorbs large part of the dirt from the clothes. Easier for cleaning is leather or vinyl, unfortunately this is also a more expensive solution. To reduce the dust amount to a minimum you should have in mind the following recommendations:

● Dust accumulates mainly on horizontal surfaces, so they should be cleaneded at least once a week. Vertical surfaces can be cleaned every month.
● Remove the regular seat cushions and furniture to clean them out.
● Easy way to take care of the furniture without spending a lot of time is to take out their cases – they can easily be removed for cleaning or replaced.

2. While cleaning property clean the air

While cleaning with a vacuum cleaner it makes an air flow and this moves dust everywhere in the room. Part of this comes back again at the surface you’ve just cleaned. If you have a purifying filter system for the air conditioner, it could take some of the dust before it is held somewhere. If this is not possible then open all the windows and allow fresh air to the room. For professional carpet cleaning North London visit

3. Choose the correct cleaning equipment
When it comes about cleaning with a vacuum cleaner , usually just suction of the dirt is not enough. As an example for cleaning rugs it is good to use the exact extensions of the hoover. The same refer for the difficult corners and spots. If you have a vinyl or wooden surfaces you can use special towels or a mop made of microfibre which absorbs dirt and dust.

7 Tips For a Quick and Effective Cleaning

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Usually you spend the whole weekend in cleaning your apartment! Modern housewife spend no more than 10 minutes in cleaning. Our daily life dictates different rules. To be ready to clean everywhere you should change your way of thinking and apply all the available innovations and new cleaning techniques. You can start by following a few simple rules:

1. Start to throw away

If you are one of these people who would never throw away, even if its an old item which has lost its value long time ago then accept this rule: you should get rid of these items and definitely throw away everything which wasn’t used in the last one year. This rule is valid for clothes, appliances, cutlery etc…

2. Never save money for comfort

Everyone has a budget but don’t forget that when buying a new dishwasher or a professional hoover you actually buy yourself some free time.

3. Choose fabrics which would not require special care or treatment

Everyone has clothes, which are easily crushed made of gentle material which should be always treated by professional dry clenaing services. It seems that all these clothes are a huge expence and a real waste of time. Next time you buy something always check the label and the material. This rule refers for buying clothes, furniture and even wall papers. When the moment comes and you should make a purchase your priority shoud be and easy and affordable maintenance.

4. Make a scheduele

You can save yourself a free time during the weekend if you have a strict schedule related to the specific areas of your property. You can clean them for 5 to 15 minutes a week. Just make your everyday plan. On Monday dust the surfaces, on Tuesday wash the toilet. Apply this on daily bases and don’t leave all the tasks for the weekend.

5. Use boxes

For an ultimate usage of all spaces use boxes. This will make your cupboards and drawers look nice and tidy. You can find on the market different type of boxes which will bring more colours to the premises.

6. All at one place

Organise your items to assure that once you need them everything will be easy reachable.

7. Do not get distracted!
Probably cleaning in not one of your favourite duties, however when applying it be concentrated and focus and your current tasks! If you start thinking about everything but not the successful completion of your tasks you will only reach poor results and waste your time!